Frequently Asked Questions

I installed mugentPlayer but cannot find it in my Host – what can I do?

Please have a look at the installation guide videos at our FAQ page and check whether you have made the account setup & installation accordingly.

Did you perform a “search for new plugins” scan within your Host – this operation might be necessary but is named differently depending your Host. It is usually located in the Settings area.
Cubase:       VST-Plugin-Manager
Ableton:      Scan Plug-ins
Logic:          Plugin-Manager
FL Studio:    Refresh Plugin List
Studio One: Plugin-Manager
Bitwig:         Plug-ins

Do you have special Firewall or security settings setup on your computer?
mugentPlayer requires Internet access at least during setup and initialization in order to work properly.
For Windows PCs it also requires the download and installation of Microsoft WebView2 – this is done automatically if not interrupted by the user. mugentPlayer will not work if this installation is interrupted or not performed correctly.

In case you still have problems finding mugentPlayer and you haven’t done so yet, please
– login to your user account on our webpage
– create a new support ticket via the “User/My Account/Open A Support Ticket” section

Submit Ticket

This is important to collect the required information about your setup and allow us to help.

How can I register & login to my Mugent account in order to use mugentPlayer

Please follow the below procedure and/or watch this tutorial which is also available in German.
For initially opening mugentPlayer you have to register for a Mugent account.
You can register on our webpage or directly in the GUI of mugentPlayer by entering your e-mail address on the right side of the login screen, setting the registration flag and selecting the Register button.




You will receive a confirmation mail to the e-mail address you enter – if you can’t find it in your mailbox please check yor SPAM folder and the e-mail address you have entered!).
Please select the confirmation link contained in this mail to finally create your account which will redirect you to your account page.


Within the tab “My Account / Account details” you can add/edit your customer data and also change your password once you have setup a password.
DO NOT use the “…edit your password and account details” at this point. It will not work for setting up an initial password!

As a new user you will receive another mail after you have activated your account for setting up your initial password.
Click the ” …. set new password.” link provided in this mail …

… and you will be able to set your initial password.

You can use the login data to login to your account on our webpage AND in mugentPlayer.


After login you are ready to go …



Can I work offline / I installed mugentPlayer but can not see any Instruments or Kits – why?

mugentPlayer retrieves all of it’s Instruments & Kits from the cloud. You must have an online connection at least until the plugin got initialized.
Whilst it is a ssumed that you are online when working with mugentPlayer to get it’s best performance all Instruments and Kits that have been downloaded once will also work offline if not deleted.

What is the mugentPlayer?

The “mugentPlayer” is an audio plugin dedicated to play sounds created by mugent.
For running it a desktop or tablet PC with a audio HOST software (DAW) is required.
We currently support PC (starting from Win 10 onwards) and MAC (starting with MAC OS 10.15 onwards).
Older OS version might not support all features of mugentPlayer.

For a better overview please have a look at this video!

Where can I find mugentPlayer after installation – there is no icon on the desktop?

mugentPlayer is an audio plugin. This means it requires an audio HOST software to run in.
In the HOST software of your choice, you will find the mugentPlayer in it as a “virtual instrument”.
On PC mugentPlayer also requires the installation of Microsoft Edge WebView2 for showing web content within the plugin and this is installed automatically if not interrupted by the user – Edge Webbrowser will not be installed during this installation.

What’s the installation path for mugentPlayer?

The installation path for samples can be seen and set in the plugin menu under “Settings / Path to Sample Data”. Usually it is

/Users/UserName/Library/Application Support/Mugent/mugentPlayer/

For the plugins the path is usually:
\Program Files\Common Files\VST3



How can I purchase sounds?

Sounds that are not free can be placed in the shopping cart with the “BUY” button. To complete your purchase, please click the shopping cart icon. There you proceed with checkout, enter your personal data, accept the terms and conditions and pay via credit card or Paypal. After that you will find your samples within the Downloads area of “My Account”.

Can I use the sounds of for my production?

All midi or audio files on the webpage are free of copyright and may be used for music productions of any kind. Both, paid and free files can be used for promotional productions, iTunes, Spotify as well as commercial releases. The only thing that is not allowed is reselling of the samples, giving them away as a present or offering the files online.

What could be the reason if dragging & dropping of MIDI data does not work?

Before you can Drag & Drop MIDI data into your HOST arrangement the used Instrument/Kit must be completely downloaded onto your system.
Depending on the internet connection and the size of the kit, downloading a kit can take around a minute or more and D&D of MIDI data will potentially not work yet.
As long as the download is not completed the insert “Downloading kit…” is visible in the middle status bar.
After downloading Drag & Drop the entire Kit MIDI data or any single Instrument’s MIDI data as usual.